At Phippsburg Congregational Church


"Twas On a Night Like This:

A Christmas Concert"

Saturday, December 14, 7:30 PM

A program of original and traditional songs will be performed by Celtic duo Castlebay, Acadian Duo Jim and Elna Joseph and award winning singer-songwriters Lisa Redfern and Jud Caswell.

Different folk traditions will come together to celebrate Christmas in “Twas On A Night Like This: A Christmas Concert” on Saturday, December 14, at 7:30 p.m. at Phippsburg Congregational Church.  The program of traditional and original songs will be performed by Celtic duo Castlebay, Acadian duo Jim and Elna Joseph, and award-winning singer-songwriters Lisa Redfern and Jud Caswell.

Castlebay has been musically weaving together the heritage of New England and the Celtic lands since 1987.  Members Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee have loved and researched traditional music for most of their lives.  Their vocals are supported by Celtic harp, guitar, fiddle and tin whistle.  They have played festivals and venues throughout the U.S., Ireland, England and Scotland.  The duo has released 27 recordings including both original and traditional songs as well as a Christmas album.

Jim and Elna Joseph perform Acadian music, both as a duo and in other popular Maine-based ensembles.  Jim is a member of the folk music trio T-Acadie, and has played at Bowdoin College, the University of Maine, the New England Folk Festival, the Downeast Country Dance Festival, and the Crossroads Celtic Festival. The Josephs also perform in the Cajun music ensemble, JimmyJo & The Jumbol’Ayuhs.  They support their vocals with a myriad of instruments including accordion, banjo, mandolin, jaw harp and guitar.

Jud Caswell is a lifelong musician who made a name for himself on the national folk circuit, playing folk festivals from Texas to Oregon and winning some of the best songwriting contests in the country.  He has appeared at iconic venues like Nashville’s Bluebird and Cambridge’s Club Passim and celebrated festivals across the country.  While his music is often compared to James Taylor and David Wilcox, his songs draw on a long musical history and wide-ranging influences from jazz and Piedmont blues to contemporary folk and rock.  Wilcox offers his own praise, acclaiming Caswell as “much more than a great singer and guitar player, Caswell's songs take you into the storyteller's world with clear images and characters that come to life for the listener.”

Lisa Redfern is an award-winning singer-songwriter with 11 solo recordings to her credit.  Her songs reflect her roots in folk, bluegrass, country, gospel, blues, jazz and swing.  She has also added her voice to dozens of other artists’ projects and song compilations and has opened for many notables, including Pete Seeger, Dave Mallett, The Roches, and Livingston Taylor.  Enthusing that he had not heard a voice like hers in 30 years, Taylor said that she sounds like “one of the original women of folk.”   Folk Roots magazine says that "Redfern applies the spiritual, ethereal feeling found in early mountain music… it's just a reminder of what real music is capable of when it's set free.”  She has played key Maine venues including One Longfellow Square, Blue, Portland House of Music, Frontier, and Slates.

Homemade refreshments at intermission will add to the warmth of the holiday show, which will be performed in the sanctuary of the historic 1802 church.

Tickets are $15 at the door, students $8.  $12 advance tickets are available at  Children under 8 free.  Doors open at 7 p.m.   For more information, call 389-1770.